Blinks n Brows heart How long will the eyebrow powder last?

Your ID eyebrow powder should last you between 9-12 months, because ID eyebrow powder has a strong pigment and its waterproof and mineral based a little bit is all you need!

Blinks n Brows heart Is ID Brows suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes our ID eyebrow powder is mineral based so it is suitable for sensitive skin click here for ingredients list ……..

Blinks n Brows heart I am going through Chemotherapy for cancer and I have lost my eyebrows, will I be able to achieve an eyebrow with ID Brows

Absolutely! ID Brow tool was initially designed to help women going through chemotherapy who suffer hair loss to create an eyebrow in seconds! Link to demo for no brows

Blinks n Brows heart Can I use ID Brows if I had microblading done ?

Even if you have had microblading or semi permanent makeup on you eyebrows you can achieve a more defined eyebrow with your ID Brow Kit

Blinks n Brows heart How long will my ID Brow tool last?

The ID Brow tool is made of recyclable material and it sturdy so it should last you for years! Once you look after it clean after every use with a wipe or cotton disc

Blinks n Brows heart Which shape template on the ID Brow tool should I use ?

The top template is usually used for someone who has lost their eyebrows due to chemotherapy or those who have over plucked, The second template is used for more definition or shape to your brows, but you can play around and pick the shape you want to create the eyebrow that you prefer!

Blinks n Brows heart I have no arch on my brow can I achieve an arch with ID Brows?

Yes you can, Line up the template to the highest part of your brow with the arch on your eyebrow tool, go slightly above where you want to create the arch and fill in with your ID Brow powder.

Blinks n Brows heart I have thick unruly eyebrows can ID Brows fix that?

You brush through the eyebrow with the short spooly brush in eyebrow compact, line up your template choice , apply the eyebrow powder and it should define your eyebrow tip (Apply a little eyebrow serum after and comb through)

Blinks n Brows heart I have to wear glasses can I use ID Brows

Absolutely! ID Brows provides the complete brow solution. Check out our video demo ….

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