I found the ID Brows Kit easy to apply, defined my eyebrows on application, lasted the day, did not wear off and Ultimately effective, having basically plucked my natural eyebrows into nonexistence this transformed my look into one of natural, well defined, beautiful brows. A must for anyone looking for a compact user friendly one stop eyebrow station !
Ger Hollywood
The ID Brows Kit is a fabulous buy! You will literally smile at yourself in the mirror as instantly you have a beautiful natural brows that you blend in seconds to achieve a natural look that’s part of your everyday look not just for those special occasions.
Jess McCarthy
Thank u so much Therese for this fantastic tool which gives me the great shape eyebrow .i absolutely love it and would highly recommend this I’m weak .very easy to do and a great shape. thank u blinks ’n’ brows x
Martha Dennehy-Torpey
Absolutely love this set makes getting the shape of my brows so easy deserved 5 stars great product.
Mags Galvin
I purchased Blinks 'n' Brows the other day and I have to say I am thrilled I did! Such a great tool to colour and shape my brows and so easy to use! Thank you girls!! xx
Niamh Dorgan
I love this product. The tool gives a great shape to the brow and the colour is so natural and it lasts all day. Love it....would highly recommend!
Esther Conway
In February 2018 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I went through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. My surgery went well but my chemotherapy was really tough and I was really sick from it and I also sadly lost all my hair like most chemotherapy patients do, Its allot to deal with looking and feeling so unwell. I heard about "Blinks n Brows ID Brows Kit" from a friend while we were discussing the idea of me getting my eyebrows tattooed. I purchased the kit and I was thrilled I did, firstly I found it so easy to use and and it transformed my look instantly. The product lasted for my six months of treatment and I kept using it as my eyebrows grew back and I am still using it today to shape them. I have told so many people to buy this eyebrow kit it really made my life easier and helped me feel normal again.
Linda O' Flaherty
I don’t know how I managed before Blinks & Brows came along...what an absolutely inspired idea!!! I have very fine light coloured eyebrows that don’t have a whole lot of shape and I have found the stencil makes it just so easy to get great really natural looking brows in just a matter of seconds....and they last all day! No more expensive salon trips! 👏 I let my teenage daughters try the product too and they both absolutely LOVED it, especially my youngest daughter who is new to make up and perhaps not as confident about shaping her own brows. Thank you Therese and Susan for creating this. Keep up the good work! Xx
Louise George
I am the winner of the brow kit and I would love to thank you both Susan and Therese for picking me . Firstly I was delighted to win as was Valerie . I have used the brow kit everyday since I started using it . It is so easy to use and it gives a beautiful shape . All my friends have commented how fabulous my brows are since . I now wouldn't be without out . Excellent product I would highly recommend . Fab Fab Fab ❤❤❤
Helena Burns